SAT Private Tutoring in Marseilles (France)

SAT Tutoring in Marseilles

Manhattan Review, a global educational organization, offers local students inclusive and efficient SAT preparation services. If SAT testers are interested in the conventional classroom setting, they should contemplate enrolling in our in-person SAT prep courses. These courses are held at convenient locations in Marseilles, providing a traditional learning experience. Individuals seeking tailored guidance for SAT preparation should explore our personalized one-on-one tutoring program, designed to cater to the unique learning requirements of every student. For students who wish to study from any location, an interactive online format is available for both group and individual SAT instruction, giving them the freedom to learn at their own pace. Manhattan Review is the foremost source in Marseilles for genuine SAT practice tests, which play a vital role in the process of SAT learning. To obtain further information regarding Manhattan Review's SAT services for students in Marseilles, reach out via call, email, or by contacting us through our online form. Our dedicated team of student support staff will be available to discuss various course options and assist you in selecting the most suitable SAT learning package.

The "common data set" is a report issued by most colleges in the United States for every new cohort of students that starts. This report contains basic information regarding the academic performance of these students during their exam periods. As an illustration, the University of Michigan highlights that 63% of the latest cohort chose to provide their SAT scores. Most universities in the United States accept either the SAT or the ACT for admission into bachelor programs. The SAT scores of incoming students at Michigan can be summarized by the middle-50% score range, which represents the range between the 25th and 75th percentiles. For the Evidence-Based Reading and Writing (EBRW) section, the middle-50% score range was 660-730, while for Math, it was 670-780. It is worth noting that approximately 55% of these Michigan students achieved EBRW scores of 700 or higher, and around two-thirds of them scored 700 or higher in Math. Michigan's admission rates were quite limited for students who obtained SAT section scores below 600.

Regarding EBRW scores, this group comprised less than 6% of the class, while Math scores constituted 9% of the course. Many of these students belonged to a distinct category: athletes or individuals who were possible donors' children. Anyone interested in examining testing results for a specific college or university can typically locate the standard data set of that educational institution conveniently on the school's website.

The SAT program offered by Manhattan Review has helped many students attain the high SAT scores necessary for acceptance into prestigious universities around the globe. Our test preparation courses have led to admissions into a wide range of elite academic institutions, such as New York University, the London School of Economics and Political Science, Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Washington, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the University of Hong Kong, the University of British Columbia, LMU Munich, the University of Melbourne, the University of Tokyo, Karolinska Institute, Georgetown, and many others. Many prestigious American companies, including Fortune 500 firms, often recruit Manhattan Review clients who have completed their undergraduate degrees, along with Morgan Stanley, Metlife, Boeing, Goldman Sachs Group, and Sysco. Manhattan Review's test guidance has also paved the way for successful careers at leading companies in Marseilles, including Comex, Airbus, CMA CGM, Azur Promotel, and SNCM. Enroll with Manhattan Review today and become a part of our thriving student community in Marseilles. Allow us to assist you in achieving all your academic and career aspirations.

SAT Private Tutoring

Hours package 12 to 48 hours, Personalized 1-on-1 Tutoring, In Person or Live Online

SAT Private Course

12 hours in total, Personalized 1-on-1 Course, In Person or Live Online

SAT Prep Course Marseilles - Photo of Student Kevin Gonzalez

Good SAT test taking strategies learned. I developed new skills and feel more prepared.
- Kevin Gonzalez (This student took our SAT preparation course)


Primary Course Venue:

Radisson Blu Hotel
Marseille Vieux Port
38 Quai de Rive Neuve
13007 Marseille, France

NOTE: We do NOT typically have staff at the venue, so email us before visiting the venue.

Meet a Marseilles SAT Tutor: Emma S.

Emma, an outstanding SAT teacher, has been praised by one of her recent Marseilles SAT students for establishing a productive and enjoyable learning atmosphere. Emma highly regards student feedback as the most reliable measure of her teaching validity. She recognizes that her students have played a crucial role in shaping her into the best instructor she can be.

Emma graduated from Amherst College (BFA in Theatre) and Wesleyan University (MEd). She has more than 15 years of experience and has been sharing her knowledge and expertise in SAT preparation courses and private tutoring for Manhattan Review in both Marseilles and Amsterdam. Since 2005, she has been devoted to assisting students in achieving success in their SAT exams. Emma's enthusiasm for teaching goes beyond SAT preparation, as she also works as an ESL teacher at a local university in Marseilles. Her dedication to education and ability to establish connections with students make her an outstanding option for anyone needing academic guidance. Her pastimes are performing live plays while hopping trees and towering palms south of the Vieux Port.

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